Park Info


912 Windrock Rd, Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Pass info:  

Friday-Sunday tickets // Per day // $38 
Season Pass // 6 months //  $300
Monday-Thursday Pass // Per day // $10
You are able to self shuttle during none shuttle days only for $10 per person including the driver. 


We offer a top of the line rental fleet of Santa Curz V10's.
We offer them in size medium to extra large.  
When renting the bike you will get one of our top notch shop employees to help you get 100% set up on the bike! 
Rental DH Bike // Per Day // $130
Rental Pads // Per Day // $10
Rental Helmet // Per Day // $10
*We require a $50 deposit on rental bikes


A list with a photo of everyone who works at the bike park
Whats at the park: 
The pavilion. The bike shop, etc...


Our shuttle's run fast and offer some friendly bonding time with your friends on the way up! 
We have three trucks that all have safari style seating in the back that pull a trailer up to the top. Unlike a ski lift, you are never stuck going up by yourself so you can socialize the whole day! 
Each truck can hold about 25 people and bikes and get you to the top in under 10 minutes. When running at full capacity, we are able to get up to 300 riders to the top per hour, which is more than most ski lifts! 
Our trailers are custom built with keeping your bike safe and scratch free being our number one priority. 


Windrock Bike Park Trail Map

 Have a link to our YouTube channel. On there we will have POV of all the trails. 

Have a list of all trails with a description and rating.