About the Bike Park

Windrock Bike Park has a long (and legendary) history. Located in the Cumberland Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, Windrock Mountain goes way back in TN history. As an old coal mining mountain, there were many families living on and near the mountain since the 1800’s. Believe it or not, there were houses, schools and train tracks on the same land that we now ride. 

In the early 2000’s locals began digging trails for fun and some of those trails are still in  existence. In 2016, Neko Mullaly (National DH Champ, World Cup athlete) and Sean Leader legitimized the park and made it a major destination for downhill riders from near and far. Since then it has hosted major National races, been the testing grounds for many of the most advanced bike products on the market and become the training ground for the world’s best mtb athletes. 5-time World Cup DH Champ, Aaron Gwin first started coming to the mountain in 2020 and described it as the best American training mountain to mimic trail conditions of European World Cup tracks in the Alps, Dolomites and Pyrenees. 

In October 2023, Aaron and his wife, Lauren purchased the bike park from Sean Leader. The new license includes an additional 544 acres, more than doubling the size of the original 542 acre bike park. The plans include a new 2,400 sqft bike shop and new, expanded shuttle pick-up/drop-off locations. With hopes to improve and build many more trails to bring the love of mountain biking to riders of all skill levels.